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vänEE 90H-V ECM

Heat Recovery Ventilator

40 to 157 CFM

Its innovative design incorporates extremely high performance motors that are equivalent in power to a compact fluorescent bulb (13.5 watts each), which enable the 90H-V ECM to significantly lower energy costs without affecting its performance. Additional energy efficiency is found through its advanced heat recovery core, which can retain up to 80% of a home's heating or cooling. Ideal for small to mid-size homes, this balanced system offers superior indoor air quality and excess humidity control. Available with the state-of-the-art programmable Platinum wall control, the 90H-V ECM surpasses energy-saving standards while providing effective heat recovery, ventilation and quiet operation at a competitive price.
item vanee 90h ecm

  • With 2.53 CFM/watt, the 90H-V ECM is the most efficient HRV in the industry
  • Significant electrical consumption savings (67% average compared to standard PSC motors)
  • Ideal for high performance new homes
  • Compact footprint (25 5/8" H x 24 7/16" W x 15 1/8" D) allows an easy fit in restricted spaces
  • Quick access to all components and electronics for easy maintenance
  • 6" diameter ports located on top of unit to simplify installation and provide a cleaner appearance
  • All aspects designed to facilitate balancing of air flow and simplify installation
Wednesday, April 08, 2020